Our Exam Writing Products Work

Hindsight is 20/20. You can listen to us now or we can talk to you in February after you get sub- standard grades. You may even wait longer and talk to us when you are a 2L.

It’s easy for 1L law students to get A’s in law school if you know what to do and who to listen to.

Law school exam writing is a skill. You cannot learn a skill 2-3 weeks before an exam. As a 1L you must start memorizing, applying and dissertating the law immediately when law school starts. IRAC can be your best friend or worst enemy. As we like to say a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing. Most 1L law students have small bits of the full knowledge they need to excel on their law school exam writing. That is a dangerous thing.

Our exam writing products are integrated and will give you a complete solution to all you need to do extraordinarily well on your law school exams. We have it all; law outlines, flashcards, case briefs, and the most advanced law dictionary so you can easily learn both majority and minority law as well as all the difficult to learn and understand idiomatic law.

We can waive our magic wand and give you all the information you need but you cannot get good at a skill unless you practice. Law school exam writing is a skill you must learn. We are the only people who know how to teach you that skill.

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