Walgreen Co. v. Sara Creek Property Co.

966 F.2d 273 (7th Cir. 1992)


Walgreen (P) had a lease with Sara Creek (D) in which D promised not to lease space in its mall to anyone else who wanted to operate a pharmacy. In 1990, P was informed by D that it was going to lease to Phar-Mor and that Phar-Mor was to open a pharmacy of 12,000 feet and a discount store for the remaining 98,000 feet in the mall. P's lease had until 2002 to expire. P sued for breach of contract and sought an injunction. The trial court entered a permanent injunction over the objections of D that P failed to show that is remedy at law was inadequate. D had put on an expert witness who testified that P’s damages could be easily determined. P countered with evidence from its employees that damages would be difficult to compute because of intangibles such as goodwill. D appealed.