United States v. Storer Broadcasting Co.

351 U.S. 192 (1956)


The FCC issued a notice of proposed rulemaking related to the ownership of standard FM and television broadcast stations limiting ownership of total stations owned. Storer (D) and others filed objections to the proposed changes. The Commission entered an order amending the Rules in question without significant changes from the proposed forms. A review was sought by D in the Court of Appeals. D alleged ownership of seven standard radio, five FM radio, and five television broadcast stations. D asserted that the Rules were in conflict with the statutory mandates that applicants should be granted licenses if the public interest would be served and that the applicants must have a hearing before denial of an application. A pending application of D for an additional television station was dismissed based on the new Rules. The Court ordered the provisions offending D to be struck. The Supreme Court granted certiorari.