The Florida Bar v. Brumbaugh

355 So.2d 1186 (1978)


D is not and has never been a member of the Florida Bar. D advertised in various local newspapers as 'Marilyn's Secretarial Service' offering to perform typing services for 'Do-It-Yourself' divorces, wills, resumes, and bankruptcies. D prepared legal documents for in uncontested marriage dissolutions and advised the customers regarding the costs and procedures that needed to be followed in order to obtain marriage dissolution. She charged $50 for those services. P charges that she performed unauthorized legal services by preparing for her customers those legal documents necessary in an uncontested dissolution of marriage proceeding and by advising her customers as to the costs involved and the procedures which should be followed in order to obtain a dissolution of marriage. P sought an injunction. A referee determined that D had engaged in the unauthorized practice of law. D claimed that her civil rights had been violated.