3 HOLDINGS, LLC, V. JOHN DOE subscriber, assigned IP address 2018 WL 385418 (D.C. 2018)


P owns the rights to certain adult entertainment films. P sued D alleging that D, currently identified as John Doe subscriber assigned IP address, has been downloading and distributing these films using a BitTorrent protocol in violation of the Copyright Act. P further alleges that it used geolocation technology to trace the IP address used by d to a physical address in the District of Columbia. P has moved for leave to file a third-party subpoena on D's internet service provider (ISP) to 'learn D's identity, investigate D's role in the infringement, and effectuate service.' P asserts that the subpoena 'will only demand the true name and address of D' and that the information will only be used to prosecute claims in its complaint.