Ryder v. Jefferson Hotel Co.

121 S.C. 72, 113 S.E. 474 (1922)


Charles (P) and Edith Ryder (P1), husband and wife, were awakened from their sleep at the Jefferson Hotel (D) by an employee of the hotel. The employee insulted P1, and both were forced to leave the hotel and find another room in the middle of the night. There may have been a claim that they were not husband and wife. They sued D for a breach of duty under the innkeeper-guest relationship for injuries to their reputations, credit, and business and loss of custom and deprived of great gains and profits to P. They sought $10,000 in damages. D demurred to the complaint; there was a misjoinder of causes of action between the separate injuries of P and P1. The demurrer was overruled. D appealed.