Reasor-Hill Corp. v. Harrison

220 Ark. 521, 249 S.W.2d 994 (1952)


The Planters Flying Service tried to collect monies owed for spraying insecticide on Barton's (P) crops in Missouri. Planters spayed P’s crop with insecticide manufactured by Reasor-Hill Corp. P defended against the Planters’ action by claiming that Planters had used adulterated insecticide and by filing a cross-complaint against Reasor-Hill Corp. (D) for putting a chemical unsuitable for spraying cotton into the marketplace. P sued D in Arkansas court. D moved to dismiss the cross-complaint; the injury had occurred to a crop in Missouri, and only a Missouri court had jurisdiction to hear the cross-complaint. D was an Arkansas corporation, and the courts in Missouri could not obtain jurisdiction over D unless D entered that state. The lower court, a Judge Harrison (D1), overruled the motion to dismiss the cross-complaint on the grounds that the suit in Arkansas was the only way P would have a remedy because D could not be served in Missouri. D appealed.