Radaszewski v. Telecom Corporation

8th Cir. Ct. of App., 981 F.2d 305 (1992)


Radaszewski (P) was seriously injured by a truck driven by an employee of Construx, Inc. P sued Construx and D for personal injuries when P was on a motorcycle, and struck by a truck driven by an employee of Contrux, Inc. Telecom (D) was the corporate parent of Construx. D's only contacts with Missouri are through Construx. D capitalized Construx with watered stock and loans, not equity. Construx did hold $11 million of liability insurance, but the carrier went into receivership after the accident. The trial court held that there was no personal jurisdiction over D. P appealed. P seeks to hold D liable for the conduct of an employee of its wholly owned subsidiary, Contrux, Inc.