Pace v. Ohio Department Of Transportation

594 N.E.2d 187 (1991)


A snowplow, owned and operated by D struck a vehicle in which P was a passenger. The impact caused plaintiff to strike the small finger of his left hand against the interior of the automobile. He also sustained various injuries to his neck and back. P was transported to a nearby hospital where he received treatment for his injuries. Hospital records indicate that plaintiff's finger was swollen, but that he had incurred no more than a sprain. P went to the emergency room of the Kaiser Permanente Hospital about a week later at which time, the treating physicians diagnosed the previously injured finger as infected. Over the next several days, physicians were unable to contain the scope or degree of infection. The tissues of the finger became necrotic, first at the tip, and this condition began to spread up the finger. On January 15, 1988, his finger was amputated. P sued D for the loss of the finger as well as the attendant losses of wages, future economic value, and pain and suffering.