Nathanson v. Mcad

2003 WL 22480688 (2003)


Stropnicky filed a complaint with P against D for gender discrimination in a place of public accommodation in violation of G.L.c. 272, § 98. Stropnicky alleged that D excluded him from her legal practice and declined to represent him in his divorce proceedings because P only represents women in her divorce practice. D advertises to the general public via the white and yellow pages and local newspapers. D admits that her reason for refusing to represent Stropnicky is because his gender interferes with or precludes her ability to provide him zealous legal representation. A hearing was held at P. The Commissioner issued his decision that P had engaged in gender discrimination in violation of G.L.c. 272, § 98. The Full Commission affirmed the decision on July 26, 1999. As per her right, P filed this action to appeal D’s decision. D claims that issues pertaining to her behavior as an attorney are within the exclusive jurisdiction of the Supreme Judicial Court and the Board of Bar Overseers.