Nader v. General Motors Corp.,

25 N.Y.2d 560, 255 N.E.2d 765, 307 N.Y.S.2d 647 (1970)


Ralph Nader (P), author and lecturer on consumer safety, was a critic of General Motors (D) for years. P alleged that D, learning that he was about to publish the book 'Unsafe At Any Speed,' initiated a series of efforts to intimidate him and suppress his criticism. These included inquiries into his views, his sexual behavior, keeping him under extended surveillance in public places, having 'girls' accost him to illicit relationships, making threatening and harassing phone calls, having his phone tapped, and eavesdropping mechanically and electronically on private conversations, and conducting harassing investigations of him. The trial court denied D's motion to dismiss the privacy claims and the appellate division affirmed.