Metsch v. University Of Florida

550 So. 2d 1149 (1989)


P applied for admission to the fall 1989 entering class of the University of Florida College of Law. P was denied automatic admission based upon a computer projection of his law school grades derived from his undergraduate grade point average and his Law School Admissions Test score. P was then placed in the 'hold' category. His application was reviewed by the Faculty Admissions Committee. P then received a letter from the University informing him that he had not been admitted. P requested a statement of the reasons for the denial of his application, reconsideration of his application, and a hearing pursuant to section 120.57(1). P alleged that his 'substantial interests' had been determined by the University, a state agency. D reconsidered his application and explained by letter the denial of admission, D again denied P's request for an administrative hearing. P appealed.