Mcgee v. International Life Insurance Co.

355 U.S. 220 (1957)


Franklin was a resident of California. He had a life insurance policy with an insurance company located in Arizona. That company was taken over by International (D) in 1948. D was a Texas company. D sent statements from Texas to Franklin in California and Franklin sent payments to D in Texas. Franklin died in 1950 and D refused to pay the policy proceeds to McGee (P). D claimed that Franklin committed suicide in violation of the policy. P sued in California and recovered a judgment against D on the contract of insurance. P resided in California and D was served by registered mail at its principal place of business in Texas. California statutes allowed suit of foreign corporations on insurance contracts with residents of California even though the corporation could not be served with process within California. P went to Texas and filed suit on the judgment. Texas refused to enforce the judgment. It appears that D had never solicited nor done any insurance business in California apart from the policy involved here. The Supreme Court granted certiorari.