Mas v. Perry

489 F.2d 1396 (5th Cir. 1974)


Mr. Mas (P) was a French citizen, and Mrs. Mas (P1) was a citizen of Mississippi, and they married in Mississippi. They lived and worked in Louisiana. After the marriage, they went to Louisiana to complete P's education and to continue employment at LSU. They were unsure of how to proceed with their affairs after P was finished with school, so they rented an apartment from Perry (D). D used two-way mirrors to invade their privacy in the bedroom and bathroom. P's sued for invasion of privacy in federal court on the basis of diversity. P's obtained a $5,000 and a $15,000 judgment. D appealed; contending they were citizens of Louisiana and so there was no diversity. P was a citizen of France during the entire proceedings. D believed that P1’s domicile was Louisiana or that she acquired French citizenship upon her marriage.