K.A.L. v. Southern Medical Business Services

854 So.2d 106 (2003)


D was incarcerated in the Saraland city jail. D attempted suicide by hanging herself from the neck with a bedsheet. When jail personnel found her, D had no pulse, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation was begun. By the time paramedics arrived, K.A.L. had a 'thready' pulse and an agonal respiratory effort. She was transported by ambulance to Springhill Memorial Hospital. Upon her arrival at the hospital, D was comatose and her pupils were fixed and dilated. She was intubated and admitted to the intensive-care unit for treatment. 

D responded and was discharged two weeks later. She still had speech difficulties and tremors in her upper extremities. The costs for hospitalization have not been paid. On December 1, 2001, P as Springhill Memorial Hospital's assignee, sued D and the City of Saraland to obtain payment of the medical expenses. The trial court entered a summary judgment in favor of the City. The trial court entered a summary judgment in favor of P against D for $ 21,562. D appeals from that judgment. D claims she is not liable for any charges pertaining to the December 1998 hospitalization because she did not consent to the services rendered.