Gordon v. T.G.R. Logistics, Inc.

2017 WL 1947537 (2017)


Gordon (P) was driving her motor vehicle. As she was executing a left-hand turn she was struck by a tractor-trailer unit owned and operated by D and driven by Varga (D) which was attempting to execute a pass in the left lane. P alleges numerous physical injuries, pain, traumatic brain injury, posttraumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and depression. D served the following on P: REQUEST NO. 11: Utilizing the instructions attached hereto, download and produce an electronic copy of your Facebook account history to the enclosed flash drive. It is clear that P has not and will not produce P’s entire Facebook history. P has presented no specific objection. D has motioned to compel discovery. P claims the demand exceeds permissible discovery limits of Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 26 and that it is unduly burdensome, lacks relevance and is overly invasive of privacy. P has downloaded and produced the information from her Facebook accounts that references the accident or her injuries. P has also provided the Facebook information for the following keywords as set forth by Defendant in its request for production number 12. Those keywords are accident; attorney; TGR; Igor Varga; Kemmerer; Lincoln County, Wyoming; brain injury; concussion; posttraumatic stress disorder; and PTSD.