Garcia v. Hilton Hotels International, Inc.

97 F. Supp. 5 (D.P.R. 1951)


Hilton Hotels International, Inc. (D) fired Garcia (P) for pimping prostitutes at one of its hotels. Garcia (P) sued for defamation. His complaint didn't specifically allege publication of the libel, but stated why he was discharged and did allege an employee-employer relationship. D moved to dismiss for a failure to allege the publication of the libel. P also alleged that he was defamed at a hearing before the Labor Department (Paragraphs 5-8). D moved to strike those paragraphs; they had an absolute privilege to make such statements at the hearing. D also asked for a more definite statement of the defamation related to the initial firing alleged in the complaint. (Paragraph 4). D also claimed that the statements were conditionally privileged and that it was immune from a change of slander.