Gaboury v. Gaboury

988 A.2d 672 (2009)


H and W met on an Internet site. H was living in Texas, and W was living in Canada. The parties moved from their respective locations to Pennsylvania and married a year later on April 21, 2005. They resided in Pennsylvania in rental housing until H's job transfer in December 2006, when they relocated to Wisconsin and lived in a rented apartment. The separated and W moved to Beaver County, Pennsylvania, in August 2007. H remained in Wisconsin. W filed a divorce complaint in Pennsylvania on March 12, 2008. W set forth economic claims for equitable distribution, counsel fees, expenses, spousal support, alimony pendente lite, alimony, and permanent alimony. H challenged the court's personal jurisdiction over him. The trial court concluded that it had jurisdiction to dissolve the bonds of matrimony, but it did not have the requisite personal jurisdiction over H to decide any economic claims. It granted the divorce and W appealed.