Freese v. Fdic

837 F.Supp. 22 (D.N.H. 1993)


D was appointed receiver and liquidating agent for New Hampshire Savings Bank. D issued an Order of Investigation to determine whether any valid claims existed against the Bank's former officers and directors; whether sufficient assets existed to pursue any potential claims against them; and whether the FDIC should seek to freeze or attach any of their assets. D issued administrative subpoenas duces tecum to Freese (Ps) and other former officers and directors of the New Hampshire Savings Bank. Ps sued to have the subpoenas voided in that D lacked the authority to seek personal financial information, that the information sought was not relevant to the investigation of the New Hampshire Savings Bank and the scope of the subpoenas were overly broad and burdensome. D filed motions seeking summary enforcement of the subpoenas and a dismissal of the complaints.