Federal Trade Commission v. American Tobacco Company

264 U.S. 298 (1924)


These are two petitions for writs of mandamus to Ds, manufacturers, and sellers of tobacco. The purpose of the petitions is to require production of records, contracts, memoranda and correspondence for inspection and making copies. A Senate resolution directs P to investigate the tobacco situation as to domestic and export trade with particular reference to market price to producers. The act directs P to prevent the use of unfair methods of competition in commerce and provides for a complaint by the Commission, a hearing and a report, with an order to desist if it deems the use of a prohibited method proved. The petitions allege that complaints have been filed with P charging Ds severally with unfair competition by regulating the prices at which their commodities should be resold. From D, P requested all letters and telegrams received by D from, or sent by it to all of its jobber customers, between January 1, 1921, to December 31, 1921, inclusive. The court denied the petition. P appealed