Bower v. Weisman

639 F.Supp. 532 (S.D.N.Y. 1986)


Bower (P) and Weisman (D) terminated a 15-year relationship. P alleged that in exchange for valuable business and social relationships, D promised to provide P with an economic interest in his affairs and to provide P and her daughter with financial security. D was to provide these benefits even if the relationship ended as long as P remained in the U.S. and did not remarry. P wants to enforce an agreement dated July 6, 1985 where D agreed to purchase a California home for P ($6.9 million), to provide an irrevocable trust ($3.9 million), a trust for P’s daughter ($100,000), and to pay P a sum of $120,000 for ten years over and above a promissory note held by Frederick Weisman Company. D was also to pay P’s living expenses until remarriage or departure from the U.S. and to provide rent-free possession of D’s New York townhouse until her remarriage or departure from the U.S. P claims D reneged on the agreement. P claims D tried to intimidate her out of the townhouse which she purchased with her own money and sold to D at his request to accommodate his tax needs in exchange for a rent-free tenancy. D moved for more definitive statements and dismissals.