Amalgamated Meat Cutters v. Connally

337 F. Supp. 737 (D.D.C. 1971)


Amalgamated (D) challenged the Economic Stabilization Act on grounds that if afforded the President a blank check for controlling domestic affairs; there was no requirement that the wage and price controls be fair and equitable and that the lack of this requirement meant that the President could be arbitrary and discriminatory in implementation of the Act's goals. D refused to pay union wage increases agreed to after long negotiations citing Executive Order 11,615 issued by President Nixon. This EO was authorized under the Stabilization Act which gave the president power to issue such orders and regulations as he may deem appropriate to stabilize prices, rents, wages, and salaries. The EO established 90-day price and wage freezes at a rate not higher than those specified in the period preceding August 15th.