Marshall Field & Co. v. Clark

143 U.S. 649 (1892)


Duties were assessed and collected, according to the rates established by the Tariff Act of October 1, 1890, on woolen dress goods, woolen wearing apparel, and silk embroideries. Ps protested against the assessment upon the ground that the act was not a law of the United States. Upon appeal to the Board of General Appraisers under the act of June 10, 1890, known as the Customs Administrative Act, the decision of the collector in each case was approved. Ps appealed and questioned the validity of the act of October 1, 1890. Ps contend that §3 of the Act, so far as it authorizes the President to suspend the provisions of the act relating to the free introducing of sugar, molasses, coffee, tea, and hides, is unconstitutional, as delegating to him both legislative and treaty-making powers, and, being an essential part of the system established by Congress, the entire act must be declared null and void.